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The International Froebel Society

Upcoming Conference

The International Froebel Society is delighted to announce the 6th Biennial Conference of the International Froebel Society entitled "Play, Self- activity, Representation and Development". The conference will be held on the 26th to 28th June 2014 at Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury. Visit our conferences page for more information on this.

Aims and Purposes

  • To provide an international forum for the development of the principles of educational theory and practice associated with the child-centred philosophy of Friedrich Froebel

  • To establish opportunities internationally for research, discussion and debate on early childhood education

  • To study, promote and develop Froebelian theory and practice in early childhood education world wide

  • To promote university accredited certificates and diplomas in professional practice in early years education and related topics

  • To offer international recognition and accreditation for Froebelian educational practice

  • To monitor andevaluate Froebelian educational activity internationally

Origins and Principles

The International Froebel Society was formed at a conference in Dresden in October 2002. The active central group includes people mainly from Germany, England, the USA and Ireland who have an academic, professional or practitioner interest in the educational principles and practices promoted by Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852).

The guiding principles which members adhere to are listed here. (See also the Elements of a Froebelian Education at


The IFS Organising Committee comprises:
Yordanka Valkanova [UK]
Katherine Lally [Ireland]
Professor Karl Neumann [Germany]
Heinrike Schauwecker-Zimmer [Germany]
Brian Tubbert (Chair) [Ireland]


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